Weather in Benalmádena, Temperature & Climate

The Weather in Benalmádena and average yearly temperature is generally pretty good. The climate yields hot summers and mild winters. Benalmádena enjoys the same micro-climate as much of southern Spain. Around 320 days of sunshine on average per year.

Weather in Benalmádena

Weather in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol

The temperature here during the summer months is between 25 – 35 Celsius. Some days in the hotter months will near 40 Celsius. The temperature in the winter months drops to around 11 – 12 Celsius during the day. Still mild in comparison to most of Europe

Weather in Benalmádena in September, October & November

The spring and winter weather in Benalmádena is generally mild in comparison to other parts of Spain. This is also the case for the climate along the Costa del Sol no matter the resort. Average temperatures during the day will seldom drop much below 11 Celsius. There will be a lot more rainfall during the winter. October, November and December generally see more rainfall than the rest of the year. December and January are the coldest months of winter.


September sees the summer coming to an end. The hot weather will continue for a good while yet. The average temperature in September is between 22 – 25 Celsius. You can expect several days at least to exceed 30 Celsius.

There will also be more rainfall in September as the temperature begins to cool. You can expect to see around 5 days of rainfall during this month.


October sees the temperature beginning to drop now leading into the winter months. The average temperature is between 18 – 22 Celsius. There is a lot more rainfall in October also with some 10 days of expected rain. The temperature at night will also begin to drop to around 13 – 15 Celsius.


November sees another drop to the daytime temperature. The average during this month will be around 14 – 16 Celsius. November has more rainfall than October on average but fewer days of rain.

The night time temperature will now seem much colder so it would be a good idea to consider some form of heating. Most people invest in a gas fire or use the heating function for their air conditioning units. The homes in southern Spain are made to keep cool so you will need some form of heating around this time.

Weather in Benalmádena in December, January & February


December is almost as cold as January as the temperature continues to decrease. This month is also the wettest with more days of rainfall than any other. The average temperature during this month is around 12 Celsius but colder in the evening.

The average night time temperature in December is around 7 Celsius. This will seem particularly cold if you live in Spain all year round.


January is the coldest month in Benalmádena. The temperature will drop to as low as 11 Celsius during the day and colder on occasion. There are around 9 days of rainfall during January. The precipitation level of this month is much less than December. January is also the middle of the winter when the day and night time temperature are at their lowest.


February sees the temperature climb a touch. The temperature in February is like December, the average being around 12 Celsius. There are fewer days of rainfall in February and the temperature is increasing. The end of this month also marks the end of winter.

Weather in Benalmádena in March, April & May


March sees a significant increase in the average temperature. Most days will be between 14 – 16 Celsius as we enter the spring months. March still has more days of rain than February but the precipitation levels are less.

This month also sees the night time temperature beginning to increase again. You will not be as reliant on heating during this month if you live here.


April has on average around 10 days of rain. The precipitation levels are much lower than the wetter winter months. The average temperature in April is creeping up to between 16 – 18 Celsius. The night time temperature will be much warmer now leading into the warmer summer months.


May sees the temperature improving with an average of between 18 – 22 Celsius. The summer does not start until June but the weather is warming up. May still sees quite a bit of rain with some 9 days of expected rainfall during the month.

Most of the rainfall in May will arrive early in the month. Towards the end of the month the temperature will hit the mid to late twenties Celsius on several days.

Weather in Benalmádena in June, July & August

The summer weather in Benalmádena is generally very hot. Especially in the months of June, July and August. The temperature will often exceed 30 Celsius. May is the start of the tourist season when temperatures will begin to increase. The hot weather will stick around well into September and October. The evenings will become cooler around this time.


June is the beginning of the summer months and the tourist high season. The temperature will now begin to increase a lot. The average temperature is between 22 – 25 Celsius.

You can expect plenty of the days in June to be nearer to 30 Celsius. There are much fewer days of rainfall in June than May. Around 2 – 3 days of rain during this month although this is likely to be in early June.


July is the middle of summer and the tourist high season when temperatures are the hottest. The average temperature for July is between 25 – 28 Celsius. This will exceed 30 Celsius for most of the days during this month. July is as hot as August when the temperature can get as hot as 35 Celsius with the odd day even hotter. There is no rainfall in July so you are unlikely to see any.


August is almost identical to July with very hot temperatures and little rainfall. The average temperature is between 24 – 28 Celsius. This will be much hotter for most of the days in August. If you are planning a visit in August then it would be a good idea to make sure you have some type of air conditioning or fan.

The months of August and July can be particularly uncomfortable at night. Getting a good nights sleep will be much harder with no form of air conditioning to keep you cool.

Monthly Temperature

The image below shows the average temperature for each month in Benalmádena.

Benalmadena monthly Temperatures